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December, 2019             

TTC 5-Year Service Plan and 10-Year Outlook

What surface transit improvements would you like to see in Scarborough now? Bus Rapid Transit to U of T Scarborough? Bus only lanes, priority for buses at intersections, more bus service to our Neighbourhood Improvement Areas?

Recommendations go to the TTC Commission  meeting at 1:00 p.m., Thursday, December 12 , Committee Room 2, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West


  • Read about our vision for Bus Rapid Transit and sign our letter  to the TTC Commission asking for bold improvements now!
  • Sign TTCriders petition for transit priority
  • Sign up to speak to the TTC Commission
  • Read the TTC report here

October 29, 2019

Mayor Tory and Council approve Doug Ford’s Toronto Transit Takeover Plan

GOOD: Thanks to the hard work of TTCriders and allies, over 10,000 residents and 100’s of volunteers, Doug Ford has agreed not to upload our subway system.

BAD: Toronto must approve all of Ford’s transit priorities: Ontario Line, 3-stop Scarborough Subway Extension, Eglinton West LRT, Yonge Extension to Richmond Hill.

What does this mean for Scarborough?

  1. No replacement for the ScarboroughRT until 2030                                              
  2. No Eglinton East or Sheppard East LRT
  3. Privatized transit
  • City report recommending Toronto Council approve Doug Ford’s Transit Plan
  • Scarborough speaks on Doug Ford’s Transit Plan
  • Fordnation’s allies on Toronto Council throw Scarborough transit riders…. here

Calling all transit riders

June, 2019

Bill 107 AND YOU

Bill 107 Getting Ontario Moving Act was passed in the legislature at Queens Park on June 4, 2019. The province has now taken “Sole Responsibility” for four Toronto transit projects: Ontario Line (formerly Relief Line), an extension of the Yonge Line to Richmond Hill and a three-stop Scarborough Subway. It prevents the city from planning or building transit projects that are similar or near to projects the province is building. And it does not require the province to compensate the city for any assets it expropriates from the TTC. ...  read more