The City Planning department is currently considering a proposal for more public transit options for residents in south Scarborough, as well as the University of Toronto Scarborough. Here’s the proposed, updated transit map, courtesy of City of Toronto public documents:


We support the city’s new Scarborough transit plan. It demonstrates many of the principles that we have used to base our demands:

  • Public transit must be integrated into an affordable, convenient, fast, accessible, publicly owned transit network.
  • Scarborough bus and RT riders are underserved, and any budget for public transit investment in Scarborough should be used to benefit the most number of people. As we have stated many times before, we are not opposed to a subway. However, we prefer that City Council return to building the 7-stop Scarborough Centre LRT option instead of planning the one-stop Scarborough subway extension.
  • Public transit is a much more efficient way to move people around Toronto, and it works much better when it has its own dedicated, right of way.
  • Transit to outer neighbourhoods and college/university campuses must be a priority for Toronto.

We celebrate the opportunity to provide more, higher-order public transit in neighbourhoods across Toronto. We will continue to fight for:

  • Light rapid transit extensions for bus riders who live in Malvern
  • Light rapid transit along Sheppard Ave to connect this corridor to the rest of the transit network for underserved neighbourhoods like Agincourt, L’Amoreaux and Milliken
  • Better bus service across all routes in Scarborough, including enhanced, frequent, connected service on routes like Lawrence and McCowan to connect bus riders to a subway extension to Scarborough Town Centre.
  • Lower fares and better service on all TTC routes in every corner of Toronto, especially for those who are dependent on the TTC with no other transit choices.

Show your support for this plan by signing our online petition here.

See our previous position statements on proposed Scarborough transit improvements here.

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