By Brenda Thompson, Founder and Chair of STA


An LRT NETWORK is the best plan for TRANSIT RIDERS

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Whoa! The price tag for the One-Stop Extension has skyrocketed. It’s gone up $900 million to $3.16 billion. But ridership predictions have dropped to 7,300 peak/hour – half the original estimate (9,500-14,000) used to justify extending Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth line) by one stop (and 6 km) to Scarborough Town Centre. Worse, it will only be within walking distance of 3,500 residents.

Mayor Tory and Scarborough councillors are so fixated with this subway, they have thrown sensible transit planning principles out the window. They might even try to cancel the Eglinton East LRT and use that money to pay for this one-stop boondoggle. We need to show there is support for the Eglinton East LRT.

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We say no to paying $900 million more, for a One-Stop Extension within walking distance of only 3,500 Scarborough residents.

We say yes to an LRT network within walking distance of 125,000 residents.

Mayor Tory and City Council should:

  • Replace the One Stop Extension with the seven-stop Scarborough LRT
  • Build the Eglinton East LRT now
  • Push for the provincially funded Sheppard East LRT to be completed before 2025


Update on June 28th, 2016 executive committee meeting

Mayor Tory and his executive voted 13 -1 to replace the Scarborough RT, with a $3.2B, 6 km, one stop subway extension to Scarborough Town Centre. But with no money left to build the seventeen stop Eglinton East LRT to U of T Scarborough, Tory positioning himself as the champion of Scarborough’s immigrant population rings hollow. This one stop subway will not reach any of the immigrants, who rely on public transit in Scarborough’s outer neighbourhoods.

Read about the executive committee meeting here.

However, if we were to replace the RT with a seven stop LRT to Malvern Town Centre, there would be enough money left to build  a seventeen stop Eglinton East LRT.  The one stop subway vs. a twenty four stop LRT  debate goes to Council on July 12th.

Take action here.

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