Here are some media articles that STA has been featured in:

  • CTV News Toronto video featuring our complaint to the Toronto Ombudsman and our protest at City Hall: Watch here from 21:07 to 21:40.
  • Toronto Star January 19th, 2017 article on STA’s complaint to Toronto Ombudsman re: Leaked TTC briefing note.
  • Letter to the Editor, Nov 10, 2016, Toronto Star
  • A piece by one of our members, Vince Puhakka, on why ridesharing isn’t a substitute for public transit, October 6, 2016, Torontoist
  • Article on our Transit Fairness Night event hosted in collaboration with TTCriders and East Scarborough Storefront, Sept 14, 2016, InsideToronto
  • Our letter thanking Councillor Josh Matlow for being a voice for a Scarborough LRT network, Aug 12, 2016, InsideToronto