This is a guest post written by Spencer Navarra-Chew.

So here’s the thing:

Scarborough, you’re your own worst enemy.  You had a chance to do something great and stand on your own feet as a city. You could have a fantastic, comfortable, fast LRT network that covers most of your fair city, just like the cool cities in Europe.

Instead you’ve chosen the suburban choice. Just to be a feeder for Toronto instead of a city in your own right. You, Scarborough, have picked the most expensive, least useful, longest time to build option and it helps us more than you.

That’s right, thanks to you I’ll be able to hop on the subway here and get an express ride to STC. Oh, and it’s going to get paid for by road tolls that don’t affect me. Sweet! But seriously?! While definitely better than the RT for commuters, it is literally worse than EVERY OTHER OPTION (well, other than doing nothing, ’cause that would lead to shuttle buses). It provides LESS transit within Scarborough than the RT!?

If you’re sick of being an appendage to Toronto, maybe stop acting like one? Instead of insisting on transit that is just an extension of Toronto’s, why not have your own network? Transit that helps you move around inside Scarborough.

Of course you don’t trust us. I mean, I get it, we’re pretty stuck up and full of ourselves. We can definitely be elitist. If I didn’t live here I’d hate us too. And yes, we really did screw you over with the SRT. I’m sorry, even though I was 5 and had nothing to do with it, and actually, it was the provincial government who made us do it, but still:  I’m sorry. We’re sorry. Truly and sincerely.

This new LRT thing isn’t like that. I swear. They’re also not streetcars. Yes, the actual trains are the same as the new streetcars (which are awesome, by the way),  but we’re not talking about running them in traffic. Have you taken the Viva Blue lately? Or the Mississauga bus transit way? Like that, but with awesome trains. Priority signals when running alongside traffic and in its own dedicated path when possible. We really are trying to do right by you. We want to fix what happened before.

Anyway Scarborough,  I wish you well and I’ll see you at STC.

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