We spoke up loud and clear for the seven-stop Scarborough LRT!

On Thursday, January 19th, 2017, we made it clear to Mayor Tory and his Executive Committee, we want the facts on the seven-stop Scarborough LRT.

We started by hand delivering our complaint to the Toronto Ombudsman’s, office at 375 University Avenue. The complaint was about a TTC briefing note Mayor Tory and pro-subway councillors, used last July, to dissuade Council from voting for a 24-stop LRT network, including the Scarborough and Eglinton East LRTs.

We also received words of support and encouragement from Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch:

“Good news and good luck with the ombudswoman…. Great that you have proceeded with this important complaint.”


Submitting our complaint to Toronto Ombusdman, Susan Opler.
Read Toronto Star journalist, Jennifer Pagliaro’s, article about the leaked TTC briefing note complaint here.

Next, equipped with our beautiful signs, we headed over to City Hall  to voice our concern about the second delay to the Scarborough Subway Extension report. Since the report was not listed on the  agenda, we couldn’t speak to Mayor Tory’s Executive directly. We had to find another way to voice our concern. We decided to walk quietly through the meeting room holding up our signs for them to read.

After exiting the meeting room we were told by security to leave City Hall. A lively exchange ensued around our right to assemble, and then the media arrived.

Watch Zach Ruiter’s video: Scarborough Transit Action for Evidence-Based Decision Making  including Khalidha Nasiri’s and STA ally, Rosemary Frei’s response to CTV here.

While we were waiting in the hallway, we were able to catch  Mayor Tory just as he was leaving and we gave him a copy of the Ombudsman complaint. He said it was “baseless and without merit”.

We asked why the subway report had been delayed again, and he claimed staff needed more time, denying rising costs or maneuvering for a Sheppard subway extension alignment as possible reasons.

A proposal for a Sheppard subway extension to Scarborough Town Centre was put forward by Ward 39 councillor Jim Karygiannis last summer, and is currently under study.

J.P. Rodrigues, a member of 1Love Malvern Transportation Working Group, said: “Part of the reason why there was some support for the one-stop subway extension before, was that it would come with the Eglinton East LRT, along with possible further expansion into Malvern. With this and the Sheppard East LRT, Malvern residents would have finally been connected by rapid transit to Scarborough and the rest of Toronto. However with rising subway costs, ongoing delays and whispers of a Sheppard subway extension, the Sheppard East LRT may never be built and Malvern residents will continue be deprived of access to rapid transit that they have been promised was coming to them since 1985!”

The Mayor also assured us, that the Eglinton East LRT from Kennedy Station to U of T Scarborough, would be built. But he wouldn’t say when construction would begin or if there was funding.

“We intend to hold him to that promise, ” said Joy Robertson, President – Scarborough Village Residents Unite (SRU) . You can read SRU’s statement on the Eglinton East LRT here.

Brenda Thompson, Co-Chair Scarborough Transit Action


Thursday, January 19th @ 11:30 a.m.

City Hall rotunda, Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West

RSVP here

Mayor Tory claims he is in favour of “evidence-based decision making” but last summer he and his pro-subway councillors used a biased TTC briefing note to push a one-stop subway extension ahead of a twenty-four-stop LRT network that would serve Scarborough’s Priority Neighbourhoods and campuses.

We are holding a press conference in the rotunda of City Hall at 11:30 a.m. this Thursday against the second delay of the Scarborough Subway Extension report. Please JOIN US at City Hall to speak out against the second delay of the Scarborough subway extension report. It should have been on the agenda of Mayor Tory’s Executive meeting this Thursday but it has been delayed until March!

Why is Mayor Tory hiding the facts? What does he not want the public to know about the $3.56-billion, one-stop Scarborough Subway Extension?

We know the seven-stop Scarborough LRT is a better plan for transit riders. That’s why we are calling on Mayor Tory and pro-subway councillors to cancel the one-stop subway extension and build an LRT network, now!

Meet us in the City Hall Rotunda at 11:30 a.m. sharp this Thursday, January 19 – that’s tomorrow! Please come and speak up for Scarborough.  Let’s send a message to Mayor Tory and his executive committee that we will not remain silent while they waste billions of scarce dollars making non-evidence-based decisions!

RSVP here

Sign our petition here.

Read about the TTC briefing note complaint here.

Read about the Scarborough Subway Extension report delay here.


Contact: scarboroughtransitaction@gmail.com  for more information.

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