There is $3.56 billion for rapid transit in Scarborough. John Torys’ one-stop subway extension has already claimed most of this money and it would take 10 years before it was up and running. This leaves the Eglinton East LRT without funding and without a clear plan as to when it would be built.  It means most people in Scarborough would continue to be without access to rapid transit for years and years.

But the Eglinton East LRT could be built faster, less expensively and it would serve more people than the one-stop subway extension. So, we say “Build the EELRT now!” Eglinton East LRT to Sheppard East would have at least eighteen-stops, could be built publicly and could be operating by 2022.

Starting at Kennedy station, the Eglinton East LRT to Sheppard East would bring rapid transit to U of T Scarborough and Centennial College Morningside campus as well as six priority neighbourhoods in east Scarborough:

  • Kennedy Park
  • Eglinton East
  • Scarborough Village
  • West Hill
  • Highland Creek
  • Morningside

These neighbourhoods  have suffered from a rapid transit deficit for too long. A city report on the Eglinton East LRT shows these neighbourhoods have a higher than average transit usage but they can only access half  as many jobs as other transit riders in Toronto. We need to bring rapid transit to these neighbourhoods now:

The EELRT would create 1,900 new jobs within walking distance of the stations. And having the TTC  deliver, operate and maintain the line would also mean more stable good jobs for our youth, right here in Scarborough.

The EELRT would provide a quick, convenient connection to downtown and more than seventeen destinations in east Scarborough:


  1. Kennedy subway
  2. Midland
  3. Falmouth
  4. Danforth
  5. McCowan
  6. Bellamy/Eglinton GO
  7. Lawrence
  8. Markham
  9. Eglinton/Kingston
  10. Scarborough Golf Club
  11. Guildwood
  12. Celeste
  13. Galloway
  14. Kingston/Morningside
  15. Beath
  16. Ellesmere
  17. U of T Scarborough
  18. Military Trail

If it were extended to Sheppard East it could connect with the  Sheppard East LRT providing a much needed connection to northeast Scarborough.

LRTs create greater opportunities for community renewal, redevelopment and walkability. Tell Mayor Tory and council we shouldn’t have to wait ten years for a one-stop subway. Build the Eglinton East LRT to Sheppard East now!

Build the Eglinton East LRT to Malvern publicly, now!

Build the Eglinton East LRT to Malvern publicly, now!

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  • Menath De Silva

    Metrolinx is already using p3 we wouldn’t be in this mess if ndp was government

    July 20, 2018 at 8:47 pm Reply