1. It removes rapid transit access. Four RT stations: Lawrence East, Ellesmere, Midland and McCowan will be eliminated and replaced with one SmartTrack/GO station at Lawrence and a one-stop subway to Scarborough Town Centre.

  2. You will pay more. TTC riders with a Presto card traveling on the 54 Lawrence East bus will have to pay a total of $4.50 to take SmartTrack at Lawrence East station.

  3. It will be hard to get to. Riders on the 54 Lawrence  bus will have to get off at the Lawrence East overpass and walk down several flights of stairs or take an elevator to get to the Lawrence SmartTrack/GO platform.

  4. You will wait longer. Instead of every four minutes riders will wait 15 minutes for “local service” via  SmartTrack.

  5. You will be on buses permanently. The Lawrence East RT station will remain open during construction of the SmartTrack station but once the Scarborough subway is complete, the SRT will be dismantled leaving more TTC riders on buses, forever.

  6. You will spend more time on buses. More than 16,700 existing riders use the four RT stations that will close.  They will have to take the bus, drive or walk to where they want to go.

  7. No more rapid transit from Lawrence East to Scarborough Town Centre – and no replacement bus service either. There is no plan to run a 54 Lawrence East bus to the new Triton (STC) bus station after the Scarborough RT is shut down. Riders will only be able to ride an express 54 Lawrence East bus to Kennedy Station.

  8. You will  wait ten years to replace the Scarborough RT with a one-stop subway and one SmartTrack station when we could be replacing the SRT with the seven-stop Scarborough LRT to Centennial College Progress and Sheppard Avenue East in five years.

  9. Our public money is being wasted. Why spend $3.7-billion for a one-stop subway and one SmartTrack station when we could replace the SRT with a seven-stop LRT for a lot less?

  10. Scarborough’s Priority Neighbourhoods are being ignored. With the money for the one-stop subway and the Lawrence East SmartTrack/GO station we could be building a 24-stop Scarborough and Eglinton East LRT, bringing a real rapid transit network to seven Priority Neighbourhoods.

Sign our petition for the seven-stop Scarborough LRT

Lawrence East SmartTrack will leave more riders on buses here.

SmartTrack funding approval puts the cart before the horse here.


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  • Eral Zong

    Listen to the people. They know best as these are the ones that ride the transit

    April 14, 2018 at 10:56 pm Reply

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment Ezral.

      Would you like us to read your comment to the Executive Committee before they vote on whether to replace the Lawrence East RT with a GO/SmartTrack station?

      You just have to send us your permission and postal code before 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

      Best Regards

      April 16, 2018 at 4:57 pm Reply

  • Jaden

    Unbelievable that they’re even considering spending upwards of 3 billion dollars on a subway extension when they could use a fraction of that money to convert the current SRT into an extension of the crosstown LRT and improve station accessibility.

    July 17, 2020 at 3:40 am Reply