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JULY 2020

STA’s statement on Anti-Black Racism in Toronto’s Transit System and Institutions.



















JUNE 2020

Bus-only lanes along Eglinton East and Finch East by September and a refund for March Metropass holders could be approved at the next TTC Commission meeting on Wednesday, June 17!

  • TTC Commission motion on bus-only lanes here
  • Sign on letter for bus-only lanes here
  • STA’s letter in support of March Metropass refund here


May 2020


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  • Info on TTC service cuts in Scarborough here
  • Watch the video here


Day of Action: Emergency Transit Funding Now










  • Find out how to get involved here
  • Facebook event here

Essential workers — like nurses, doctors and sanitation staff — rely on transit to get to work. But public transit systems across Canada are facing service cuts and driver layoffs, because they depend mostly on fares for funding.
Right now we need more service, not less, for safe physical distancing on transit!
Join the cross-Canada day of action and share why public transit is important to you!

april 2020

Safety and the TTC during COVID-19

While the TTC has introduced some physical distancing protocols, the fact remains that transit riders and workers continue to carry an unacceptable burden of risk and cost. We’ve asked the TTC Board to call an emergency meeting to implement the following measures to ensure the safety of public transit for riders and workers:

  • Free transit
  • Reimburse cost of March monthly passes
  • Extend deadline to cancel auto renew agreements and the 12 Month Pass
  • Ensure service levels on all modes allow for physical distancing
  • Provide personal protective equipment for all transit workers
  • Paid sick days for all transit workers, including contracted workers
  • Prioritize space for buses, cyclists and pedestrians along our roads.

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March 2020

TTCriders Panel Discussion on COVID-19 and Public Transit

Don’t worry if you missed this important panel discussion including Scarborough transit advocates Jamaal Myers and UTSC student Kandeel Imran.  You can watch it here:


Petition for March TTC Metropass refund

March TTC Metropass holders are not able to use public transit due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. We need a refund or extension to when the pandemic is over.  1,000 transit riders have signed. Help us reach 1,500.




Metrolinx  is having an open house on the $6B Scarborough Subway Extension 
Thursday, March 5th,
Grace Church Scarborough Parish Hall,
700 Kennedy Road, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

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January, 2020

TTC 2020 Capital and Operating Budget do little to address mounting pressures on our aging SRT and overcrowded buses in Scarborough :

  • No money for the Eglinton East LRT. 
  • No money for bus only lanes, priority signalling and queue jump lanes this year.
  • A ten cent fare increase but this only improves service on two bus routes in Scarborough.
  • $18.2 million  to study extending the life of the SRT but no money for full time, prioritized bus service when the SRT breaks down for good.
  • No funding to make Warden station accessible.

Tell our politicians Scarborough deserves better:

January 20, 2020

  • Scarborough Civic Centre, Council Chamber; 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. onwards
  • Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 1; 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. onwards

January 21, 2020

  • Etobicoke Civic Centre, Council Chamber; 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. onwards
  • North York Civic Centre, Council Chamber; 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. onwards

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Download our 2020 Budget Deputation Workbook

Read more…

December, 2019             

TTC 5-Year Service Plan and the 2020 Budget

What surface transit improvements would you like to see in Scarborough now? Bus Rapid Transit to U of T Scarborough? Bus only lanes, priority for buses at intersections, more bus service to our Neighbourhood Improvement Areas?

The City Building Fund could help pay for a prioritized bus network but we will need to speak up during the city’s 2020 budget hearings in Scarborough on Wednesday, January 8th. 

Help us plan our transit strategy for 2020. Our next meeting is on Monday, January 6th from 6 – 8:00 p.m. at the Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive. 

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  • Read about our vision for Bus Rapid Transit and bus only lanes.
  • Read the TTC 5-Year Service Plan  report.
October 29, 2019

Mayor Tory and Council approve Doug Ford’s Toronto Transit Takeover Plan

GOOD: Thanks to the hard work of TTCriders and allies, over 10,000 residents and 100’s of volunteers, Doug Ford has agreed not to upload our subway system.

BAD: Toronto must approve all of Ford’s transit priorities: Ontario Line, 3-stop Scarborough Subway Extension, Eglinton West LRT, Yonge Extension to Richmond Hill.

What does this mean for Scarborough?

  1. No replacement for the ScarboroughRT until 2030                                              
  2. No Eglinton East or Sheppard East LRT
  3. Privatized transit

  • City report recommending Toronto Council approve Doug Ford’s Transit Plan
  • Scarborough speaks on Doug Ford’s Transit Plan
  • Fordnation’s allies on Toronto Council throw Scarborough transit riders…. here

Calling all transit riders

June, 2019

Bill 107 AND YOU

Bill 107 Getting Ontario Moving Act was passed in the legislature at Queens Park on June 4, 2019. The province has now taken “Sole Responsibility” for four Toronto transit projects: Ontario Line (formerly Relief Line), an extension of the Yonge Line to Richmond Hill and a three-stop Scarborough Subway. It prevents the city from planning or building transit projects that are similar or near to projects the province is building. And it does not require the province to compensate the city for any assets it expropriates from the TTC.

Read more about the impact of Bill 107 on Scarborough transit here


The city has set up a 14-member expert advisory panel and there will be public information meetings to give residents an opportunity to review the province’s plan.

The meeting in Scarborough is Saturday, June 22, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive.

You can get more information about the city’s review here

Register with TTCriders here

Transit Review survey and TTCriders cheat sheet


The Eglinton East LRT will not proceed to construction without funding

Let’s get Scarborough moving and build it publicly, now!

Watch CityNews TV coverage of our Save the Eglinton East Town Hall on April 9, 2019

(Check out our ” MEDIA – STA in the news page” for more great articles, op eds and interviews about the Eglinton East LRT)

  • Sign our petition for the Eglinton East LRT

  • Organizational sign-on letter

  • Letter to Scarborough MP’s and MPP’s

  • Download our Eglinton East LRT leaflet

  • Our press release urging the province to abandon the TTC subway upload plan and fund the Eglinton East LRT

  • Open letter to Scarborough Rouge MPP Vijay Thanigasalam for Public, Locally Controlled Rapid Transit to Malvern

  • Contact Mayor John Tory  416-397-2489  @JohnTory

  • Call your councillor at 311



October 22nd, VOTE for rapid transit for ALL of Scarborough

Mayoral and Scarborough municipal candidates pledging to build an LRT network, publicly now

Mayoral Ward 20
Ward 24
Ward 25
Sarah ClimenhagaMohsin BhuiyanEmery WarnerReza Khoshdel
Saron Gebresellassi Robert McDermottMorlan WashingtonCheryl Lewis-Thurab
Gautam NathSuman Roy
Knia Singh

  • Sign our letter asking 2018 mayoral and municipal candidates to build an LRT network for Scarborough here

  • Read about our vision for bringing rapid transit to ALL of Scarborough

  • Check out TTCriders mayoral transit report card

  • John Tory says NO to releasing an update on the costs of the Scarborough subway. We say YES!

    Release Scarborough subway costs before the October 2018 municipal election


    Torontonians should know the costs of the Scarborough Subway Extension before casting a vote in the October 2018 municipal election.

    Mayor Tory and Toronto Council

    I am asking you to release the upcoming report on Scarborough subway costs before the October 2018 municipal election.

    An update on the costs of the Scarborough Subway Extension is slated for September, and the public has a right to this information as soon as it is available. It is undemocratic to withhold it until January 2019.

    Candidate's running in the October 2018 municipal election should be able to take a position on the Scarborough Subway Extension knowing the latest cost estimates and the public has a right to the latest information on costs before casting a vote.

    Don't keep us in the dark about Scarborough subway costs.


    **your signature**


Metrolinx and the city are holding an on line town hall on Finch East and Lawrence East GO/SmartTrack stations on Monday, June 18th from 7 – 8:00 p.m.  To participate go to or call 800.457.6180

  • Read our latest update on Lawrence East GO/SmartTrack station here.
  • Find out more about the on line town hall here.
  • Read our press release here.
  • Read our submission to SmartTrack Transit Project Assessment Process  (TPAP) here.

Mayor Tory and members of the Executive Committee will be voting on a plan to eliminate four RT stations: Lawrence, Ellesmere, Midland and McCowan and replace them with one GO/Smart Track station at Lawrence East on Tuesday, April 17th at 9:30 a.m.

  • Send a message to Mayor Tory and Council here.
  • to join us at the Executive Committee meeting April 17 at 9:30 a.m. – City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Committee Room 1.

Monday, April 9th 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., McGregor Park  Community Centre, 2231 Lawrence Avenue East

RSV  647-974-2928

Over 1,000 signatures on our petition for the seven-stop Scarborough LRT , Help us get to 1,500 sign here


Sign our petition to build the Eglinton East LRT now! here

2018 Budget hearings are happening January 9 and 10

  • See the schedule here.
  • Get more funding for better transit here.
  • Top 10 unfunded items here.
  • Watch STA’s Moya Beall speak up for the Eglinton East LRT at the budget hearings in Scarborough on January 8 here.

We submitted over 500 signatures in support of getting all the facts on the one-stop Scarborough subway “white elephant”. 

Unfortunately, “fiscally-responsible” councillors will do anything to avoid the facts when a multi- billion dollar subway is at stake. On December 6, 2017, they voted 13 – 27 against conducting a value-for-money analysis.

Read Matt Elliot’s article: Scarborough subway escapes scrutiny despite mistakes and misstep

Former chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat has come out in favour of looking at other options to the Scarborough Subway

Ontario PC leader, Patrick Brown and TTC CEO Andy Byford support a vfm for Scarborough subway

 Item AU:10.7  the 2018 Audit Work Plan should include a value-for-money analysis of the one-stop Scarborough Subway Extension.

City Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler’s report on the TTC Briefing Note stated that LRT construction could begin in 2018, and that a value-for-money analysis may form part of a future audit. The AG has a mandate to assist “city council in holding itself and city administrators accountable for the quality of stewardship over public funds and for achievement of value for money in city operations.”

Read Toronto Star article: Push to see value-for-money analyses of Scarborough Subway rejected

Read Edward Keenan’s article: Scarborough subway debate lacks vital information

Read our blog post on the AG report here

Read Toronto Star article: TTC didn’t deliberately mislead council with Scarborough transit briefing note: auditor general 

Read the AG report here

Lawrence East SmartTrack station will go to council on December 5, 2017

February 14/18 Update – Lawrence East Smart Track will leave more riders on buses here

Read STA’s letter to Metrolinx regarding Lawrence East SmartTrack station here.
Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro’s article: Scarborough RT could be shut down for ‘at least a year’ internal documents reveal
Codi Wilson, CTV News: Metrolinx ‘confident’ SRT will run during construction of Lawrence East GO station
Register: Metrolinx Town Hall: Monday, February 26 @ 6:00 p.m.
Metrolinx Board Meeting: Thursday, March 8 @ 10:45 a.m.
Read the city’s report on Smart Track here
Urban Toronto coverage of public consultation at Scarbrough Civic Centre here
Smart Track public consultation website here

Send your comments to:

Mayor John Tory

Public consultation for the Eglinton East LRT has begun

Upcoming Eglinton East LRT public consultation meetings:

Thursday, November 30, 630 – 8:30 p.m.
St.Martin de Porres Catholic School, 230 Morningside
Saturday December 2, 10 a.m. – noon
Jean Vanier High School, 959 Midland
Check out the Eglinton East LRT website here
Read Jennifer Pagliaro’s article on the first public consultation meeting in Malvern here

The Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for the Scarborough Subway Extension has been completed. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has issued a notice to proceed.

Read the full Transit Project Assessment report here 

Read our Notice of Objection to the assessment report here

Read the minister’s October 30, 2017 response to our Notice of Objection here

Our Notice of Objection was submitted to Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Chris Ballard on August 31, 2017

On August 23rd, 2017, we submitted a complaint to the Provincial Auditor General regarding the Scarborough Subway Extension and Kirby and Lawrence East GO stations

Read Toronto Star article: Scarborough activists file auditor general complaint over transit spending here

Read CBC article: Scarborough Subway critics want Ontario’s auditor general to investigate here

Find a copy of our complaint here and our follow up letter here.

Evidence based decision making just isn’t present in Toronto region transit decisions as this September 18th article in the Star makes clear. This is why we fight!

On August 17th, 2017, Scarborough Transit Action released our survey results for the Lawrence East SRT 

You can read the entire report here

Here’s what transit riders have to say about the losing their RT station if the one-stop subway is built:

Public frustrated there will only be one-stop on the Scarborough Subway Extension

Read Toronto Star article here.

Read Urban Toronto article here.



1LoveMalvern Transportation Working Group

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

Caring Alliance

Climate Fast


Council of Canadians (Toronto chapter)

CUPW Local 602

De La Salle College “Oaklands”

Graduate Students’ Association at Scarborough, University of Toronto Scarborough


Matrix Management Corp.

Reena Foundation

Scarborough Civic Action Network

Scarborough Residents Unite Neighbourhood Association

Socialist Project

The Caring Alliance

The Council of Canadians

Toronto Environmental Alliance

Transport Action Canada

University of Toronto Graduate Students Union

Cheri Di Novo, Urban Transit Critic NDP

Read Premier Wynne’s response here.

Read the response from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change here.

Read Jennifer Pagliaro’s article in the Star here.


In response, we sent a public sign-on letter to Premier Wynne and Minister Glen Murray to ask them to do the side-by-side comparison of the two projects so the public can get all the facts and a true comparison of our transit options can be made.   The province is allowed to do this study when there is a “potential for a negative impact on a matter of provincial importance that relates to the natural environment.”





Mayor Tory should scrap the $3.35 billion, one-stop subway extension to Scarborough Town Centre and build a twenty-four stop LRT network including the the seven-stop Scarborough LRT and the seventeen-stop Eglinton East LRT.

The vote on the one-stop Scarborough Subway Extension goes to Council on March 28th.

    • Read the TTC report: Next steps on the Scarborough Subway Extension  here.


  • It’s not too late to scrap the one-stop subway. The decision-making process is only at the very early (5%) design stage.
  • Replacing the five-stop SRT with a one-stop subway extension will put more people on buses.
  • Ballooning costs of the one-stop subway ($2 billion to $3.35 billion) has eaten all the money for the seventeen-stop Eglinton East LRT.
  • Ridership projections for the one-stop keep dropping. Low ridership will drain money from the rest of the TTC.
  • If we move ahead with the shovel ready, seven-stop Scarborough LRT and the Eglinton East LRT now,  there will be a connection to the provincially funded Sheppard East LRT. If we build a one-stop subway there will not.



On February 28, the long-awaited Scarborough Subway Extension report was released and the findings were bad news for Scarborough transit riders. STA Co-Chair Brenda Thompson was there and asked Mayor Tory the tough questions: 

Join us on Monday, March 13th when we tell the Mayor to do the right thing and build the seven-stop Scarborough LRT and eighteen-stop Eglinton East LRT instead.

Toronto Star’s coverage of the Executive meeting here

CBC coverage of the meeting here 

Scarborough Mirror here

Can’t make it to the town hall? Sign our petition here


Join us at the Executive Committee meeting down at City Hall (100 Queen Street West) on Tuesday, March 7th  @ 9:30 a.m. Register to speak to item EX23.1 at 416-392-4666 or send an email to the Executive Committee

Sign our petition here.

Read the report here.

Read the Toronto Star editorial: More evidence the subway extension makes no sense  here.

Read the Globe and Mail editorial: Scarborough Subway, a boondoggle on rails, here.

Stay up-to-date with our work in the STA in the News and Get Involved tabs.

The Scarborough subway extension report has been DELAYED a second time.

Sign our petition here.

Stay up-to-date with our work in the STA in the News and Get Involved tabs.

STA has filed a complaint over the misleading briefing note that was used to sway Council’s July vote on the one-stop subway vs. 7-stop LRT.

We all know Mayor Tory and pro-subway councillors used this briefing note to push for the subway over a 24 – stop LRT network, so why won’t they admit they requested it? We are calling for an investigation of the process and for an independent, third-party review of the LRT option. Torontonians deserve to know the objective truth.

The Toronto Star has published an article about our complaint: Read it here.

2017 Budget: Bad News for Transit Riders

Brief points about impacts on the 2017 budget for Scarborough transit riders:

  • In July, City Council voted to cut the TTC budget by 2.6%. In order to meet the resulting budgetary shortfall, TTC fares are increasing for the 6th straight year in a row by 10 cents for tokens and metropasses starting January 2017.
  • TTC service cuts across Toronto including the following Scarborough routes: 129 McCowan North, 43 Kennedy, 57 Midland, 133 Neilson, and 68 Warden.
  • All Scarborough city councillors voted in favour of Mayor Tory’s budget cuts to the TTC.
  • Still no funding for the Eglinton East LRT and the Sheppard East LRT is still on hold.

Things you can do: